Are you tired of not standing up for your dreams?

Are you tired of not

standing up for your dreams?

Do you feel stuck in a life that no longer thrills you? Have you set aside your dream for others? Are you longing for something more? Step into Sacredness is the compass you need to guide you out of the dark and into the life your soul yearns for.

It’s time to step over your fear and into your sacredness.

The life your soul yearns for is waiting for you.

It's tired of you handing over excuses as to why you can't greet it and it's fed up with you wasting another day not living your true potential.

I wasted my potential for years on a life I hated. I dreaded waking up and the first words I'd utter upon being torn out of bed by a screeching alarm to live the one day I'd never live again was, "Oh Fuck."

I hated my job, I was in deep financial distress, and my heart was broken. All my soul wanted to do was travel—and get paid for it. It was a crazy unrealistic dream. I didn't know how to make it happen, especially considering I'd just blown nearly half a million dollars in assets.

My life was bursting into flames and I felt chained to failure and mediocrity.

I ached. I was afraid and lacked any self-love to help me know I deserved better.

You know how it feels, I bet. You feel like you're not good enough. Life is punishing you. It just wasn't meant to be. Or you have no idea how to make it work.

The truth whispers - there has to be something more. But your reality tells you something different and you don't want false hopes to take you back down again.

How can dreams come true when you feel so far away from them and you've just lost everything?

Rock bottom is the land of I'm So Fed Up. You're tired of being beaten down, of not standing up for your dreams, and having to accept the status quo. You're tired of being broke. Tired of seeing everyone else make it. And so tired of living like a prisoner.

After I lost everything, including my job in the US, my story started to change. I was terrified, but I could no longer allow myself to create such a disastrous legacy. It was the kickstart I needed to take drastic action.

I moved back to Australia and decided to follow my yearning.


Change can only come if you're willing to make it. It's not easy standing up for your dreams, but if you don't no one will.

Many people think living the life your soul yearns for is something that only happens for a chosen few. Well it does, but that’s because those select few have selected themselves.

My life changed when I chose myself and so will yours if you just step towards it.

Long story short. We've built one of the world's largest travel blogs and are currently on an indefinite road trip around Australia with our two young daughters. It took us a long time to rebuild ourselves, our confidence, and our dream, but we got here.

Step into Sacredness is the compass I wish I had on my journey. It will confidently guide you towards the values you need to navigate through your mental barriers, fears, and doubts. In this guide, I share 12 principles you need to create the life your soul yearns for.

On my journey from broke and depressed to living the dream, I learned the simple truth to making it happen.

Follow your heart, be guided by your gut, and allow the Universe to co-create with you.

When you follow your heart, and share it, you step into your sacredness and the yearning takes on form.

Part empowerment, part spiritual, part memoir, combined with a sprinkling of universal magic, this book builds a foundation under lofty dreams so they become reality.

You sacredness is that special something you have that the world needs you to share. We’re all born with it, we just choose to let it shine based upon whether we believe we are good enough and how frightened we are of our own light.

This book will guide you to sharing your light.

"If you do what you need, you're surviving. If you do what you want, your living."

It's time to Step into your Sacredness. 

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Take a peek and read the introduction :)

Step into Your Sacredness is a light-hearted read with fun colorful illustrations.  It will inspire you to stop messing around and start answering your life’s true calling.

Table of Contents

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Introduction (cont)

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Introduction (cont)

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Here’s what other great people are saying about Step into your Sacredness.

Mirna Jusufovic @

Mirna Jusufovic @

Reading Caz’s book was like a journey into my heart and soul. Everything she speaks about resonates with me and it’s the first time I feel like someone actually understands my need to travel and spread my message. If you know there is something you need to do in this life, but don’t know what, you need this book. Written softly and elegantly, it’s a guide into our true selves and sparks the inner voice to allow us to fearlessly create our dreams.

Joseph Di Bennardo @

Joseph Di Bennardo @

Caz has put together an authentic piece of inspiration. Step into your sacredness provides a road map you need to follow your dreams. Fear is a fallacy, the words of this ebook echo just that. Congratulations Caz, a true inspiration

Brenda Tolentino  @

Brenda Tolentino @

Caz's 12 Steps to Sacredness was an invaluable guide for me. In the beginning of 2014, I decided to become an entrepreneur; which was quite terrifying for me. However, in her book, Caz outlines step by step how to create not only a business that I was meant to do but also a LIFE that I love. She helped me to start my business, one small step at a time and has turned a fearful journey to a fun adventure instead. She made me realize that I am not alone, that she also has been through similar problems and has taken the same steps she carefully defines. She encourages me to follow them and step into the life I am meant to live and recognize my blessings from God. Thank you Caz!

Melinda Lusmore @

Melinda Lusmore @

I thoroughly enjoyed 'Step into your Sacredness' and have pinned the '12 principles for creating the life your soul yearns for' above my desk where they serve as daily reminder.

Sam Winter

Sam Winter

Caz's 12 step guide to finding your sacredness is like a soothing balm for the soul. This simple but powerful roadmap will lead you to your own sacredness gently and on purpose. However, don't be deceived, when we face our fears, the road is usually the one less travelled but with Caz's compass as your guide, you'll navigate through with much more ease and grace.

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About the author


Caz is an intrepid explorer with a gypsy heart, who likes nothing more than swinging in a hammock with a good book, a sunset and a mojito. Well, she likes a little more adventure too, like white water rafting the Nile River, scaling mountains to see spectacular sunrises over volcanic cones and riding horses through fairy lands disguised as canyons.

It’s the thirst for discoveries and newness that keep her continually moving to new horizons to understand more about herself and to be in awe of the world. She’s been happily addicted to travel since 1997, when she graduated from University and moved to London. She’s been living and travelling around the world ever since.

She’s currently fulfilling one of her biggest bucket list dreams—road tripping around Australia with her husband, Craig, and their two daughters.

She believes in dreaming big, playing hard, loving large and serving completely.

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